How we support you

Proudly supporting our patients with medicines and education, both in hospital and throughout your cancer treatment

Coming to hospital or an oncology centre for treatment can be very overwhelming.

Epic Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting patients to make this experience as stress-free as possible, offering medicine management through to mental and physical wellbeing. 

Our services
We can support you:

  • With medication preparation, including chemotherapy and other cancer patient medication 

  • Through guidance on the safe use of prescribed medication 

  • By communication with your local pharmacy to ensure continuity of care 

Preparing for your stay in hospital 

There are many things you can do to help prepare for a hospital admission and reduce any stress you may have, such as understanding what to bring with you (including medications), learning about any out-of-pocket costs and preparing for what happens when you’re discharged.

To reduce the risk of any medicine interactions, please speak with the staff at your hospital when you arrive. Let them know what medication you’re currently taking (if any) and if there have been any recent changes in the medication you are taking.

Supporting you while in hospital

If you have undergone treatment at a hospital, oncology centre or specialist clinic, Epic may have dispensed your medication. Epic Pharmacy offers on-site pharmacy services in many private and public hospitals and oncology centres throughout Australia.

Supporting you through your cancer treatment

Epic Pharmacy partners with hospitals and day oncology treatment centres around Australia to deliver chemotherapy medication and medication advice for cancer patients throughout their treatment.

We will:

  • Review your current and previous medicines, along with your new treatment medicines, and provide recommendations to your doctors and nurses
  • Provide you with written information on your medicines and be available to you and your family if you have any questions about your cancer treatment

  • Support you by providing information and advice on your new medicines and any medicine related issues, such as how to take them and how to cope with any side effects
  • Liaise with your local pharmacy when it is required to ensure continuity of care

Our cancer pharmacy teams have extensive experience with the highly unique medicines used in the treatment of cancer. These medicines may need to be sourced from licensed compounding facilities or require in-house pharmacy compounding, depending on the specific medicine requirements prescribed for you. Some medicines may need to be sourced internationally, while others require a detailed application process for approval to use in your care. Whatever the circumstances, our specialised pharmacists will review these medicine requirements and ensure these treatments are prepared for you and ready when you require them.

Our pharmacies also routinely stock the specialised retail products that are specifically suited to your cancer care needs as you progress throughout your treatment journey.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about preparing for hospital admission, paying your Epic Pharmacy account or receiving treatment in Australia, learn more by visiting our FAQ page.

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